What is Reiki?

Reiki (霊気) is a Japanese word: Rei = God's Wisdom, Ki = Energy

Reiki is a safe non-intrusive hands on healing technique used to support your healing process. It is much more than physical therapy, it also supports healing at all levels of your being such as your mind, emotions and spirit.

It automatically goes to the area in your physical body or spirit where the healing is required.

Everyone can benefit from Reiki.

A Reiki practitioner acts as a conduit moving the Reiki energy or light through their hands to you, the client.

Reiki energy is used to clear our charkas, which are located just outside our body.

Our Chakras regulate the energy flow throughout our body, theses chakras open and close depending on  what we are feeling and thinking.

Everything we sense, feel and experience is connected to a specific chakra. When you are upset or stressed about something the chakra itself can become unbalanced or clogged. This shows as illness in your physical body.

To maintain optimum health our chakras need to be balanced from time to time.

Think of it as cleaning the furnace in your home.

Once balanced the energy is then available to promote positive change.

One of the greatest health benefits is stress reduction and relaxation, which triggers the bodies natural healing abilities, improving and maintaining health

Benefits of Reiki

Strengthens the immune system
Increases your energy levels
Brings peace and relaxation
Reduces pain and stress
Eases grief and/or anxiety
Assists recovery from illness, accidents  & surgery
Treats symptoms and causes of disease
Promotes personal growth & development
Provides healing energy for sickness and disease
Treats headaches & migraines
Sleep disorders

The Reiki Experience

A Reiki Session is an individual experience that is gentle, relaxing and safe for all: including pregnant women, children and babies.

During treatment the client will relax on a healing table and will want to dress comfortably. A calming atmosphere is set, low lighting, candles and quiet music. A practitioner administers the Reiki energy. Usually hands remain above the body about 2-3 inches, sometimes there is hands on healing. Effects may not be felt immediately but release slowly over the next few hours or even days after treatment as the Reiki energy continues to work.

During every Healing Session I may incorporate all of these healing techniques or only a few.
Akashic Records, Rainbow, Reiki, Angel Guidance, Shamanic, Soul Healing, Mediumship, Crystal & Sound Healing.

Please avoid wearing perfume or cologne as my senses are heightened during a session.
Private Consultation available by appointment. See rates