An Angel Guidance Reading and Healing Session begin with you. Whether you choose a specific question or an area of your life you would like more clarity on,the messages are always positive and help give insight to your life's challenges.

Angel Guidance Healing is a non-denominational spiritual healing method that involves working with a person's guardian angels and archangels to provide healing to every aspect of your life.

I provide a reading of your angels, and convey the messages I see, hear, feel and know. This session is an opportunity for you to explore any issues you wish. We may also receive guidance from archangels, ascended masters, deceased loved ones, deceased pets or spirit,who often show up to assist you.I view an Angel Guidance Reading as a spiritual coaching session aimed to support you on your life path. Different than a psychic reading, I step aside and act as a channel for the information being received from the angelic realm.

Angels sometime share very specific guidance, validation or suggestions. They may simply offer words of wisdom, comfort, love and encouragement.

When working with our angels they often suggest various healing methods to help you overcome relationship conflicts, work and career situations, personal health or family issues. I may work with the angels to help you let go of self-sabotaging and addictive behaviours.

I will share with you the wise angelic guidance that will help move you forward.

During every Healing Session I may incorporate all of these healing techniques or only a few.
Akashic Records, Rainbow, Reiki, Angel Guidance, Shamanic, Soul Healing, Mediumship, Crystal & Sound Healing.

Please avoid wearing perfume or cologne as my senses are heightened during a session.
Private Consultation available by appointment.See rates