The Akashic Records are where your soul journey information is held, some refer to them metaphorically as a library of divine knowledge or your Book of Life. Previous lifetimes, current life lessons, your purpose, health, relationships, career, finances, opportunities and future options.

They are meant to assist you with whatever challenges you are facing. Literally bringing "light" to the situation at hand.

When I access your records, you have a direct line to your Masters, Teachers and Loved ones through me. Because the information comes from them directly it is always respectful, compassionate and without judgement. You can ask anything you would like more clarity on.

The records of other people can not be accessed by you. When your records are opened only the information within the context for your relationship with that person is available.
The Akashic Records work with memory, so they can help to free you from life burdens and past pains still stuck from each life.

We carry residual negative, traumatic and toxic patterns from our past lives Which create energy blocks. Our Records work directly within this energy field to free us from these patterns.
This type of healing has some significant advantages through how it focuses on specific areas in need of healing. Because the Akashic Records has the same energy as that of pure memory from Source it is always working for you best and highest good.

Everything you are, were and are going to be is held here.

Often the Records will use past life memories or symbolic images as way to enlighten you on your current negative and positive life patterns, areas where healing is needed, and personal imbalances.
The Akashic is the place I use to access all of you healing, guided from here I am a channel and can see which techniques will be used to release these imbalances.

I hold the highest ethics and personal information remains confidential.

During every Healing Session I may incorporate all of these healing techniques or only a few.
Akashic Records, Rainbow, Reiki, Angel Guidance, Shamanic, Soul Healing, Mediumship, Crystal & Sound Healing.

Please avoid wearing perfume or cologne as my senses are heightened during a session.
Private Consultation available by appointment. See rates