Thank you so much for your kind words, I feel so blessed to be able to support people with their spiritual journey

Whole Family Healing!

My whole family had the pleasure of her healing while she was visiting Tokyo. Sara is a gifted and compassionate person incredibly sensitive and selfless. She has a wonderful ability to see who you really are and help the body and mind heal. My 15 year old daughter was lucky enough to experience Sara’s abilities first hand. She really had a massively positive impact on her understanding my daughters’ character and concerns and really helping her to feel more at peace with herself and to be more confident and open. I cannot recommend her enough!

Neil B (Tokyo)

Sara is the most hard working person I have ever had the pleasure to meet. She has helped me so much with her guidance. I left the appointment having a whole new outlook on my life and felt I have gained a new friend. If you are looking for direction and clarity I would recommend working with Sara.

Andrea Lavallee, Empowerment Life Coach

Sara has a very special gift!

I didn’t know what to expect when I visited Sara. I knew that I had been carrying negative emotions for a very long time, while I did not know the cause of them, I knew that they would be damaging to carry into an open and loving relationship. I needed to, and I was ready, to release them.

I didn’t know what help to ask for and I had no experience with energy healing. Sara, after asking a few questions, which I was not sure how to answer, allowed herself to be guided. Drawing upon her experience with several different techniques, we entered into a profound healing session which released a lot of the negative energy I had been carrying. This  gave me strength to move forward with more lightness and joy.

Sara was also able to share some surprisingly accurate and specific information and advice about some key aspects in my current life. That information has since helped to guide my actions in the weeks following the session.

I am grateful for Sara’s help, and would encourage anyone with a sincere desire to open themselves to healing energies, to contact Sara. It’s not always easy. Don’t be scared.

Heather, Ontario, Canada

Sara is wonderful!

Sara is a very skilled healer who always leads with love and light and puts the spiritual work above all else. She also has a great energy and sense of humor that make you quickly feel comfortable. Highly recommended!

KB, LA, California

No more pain!

I had been suffering from severe hip pain for more than 6 months, walking with a cane, not sleeping and taking a lot of pain killers. I also did some physiotherapy for over 4 months without success. Sara did a healing on me, and I have my life back, no pain at all, I was a little sceptical at first, but being in constant pain, I was open to trying anything. It was like magic, thank you so much Sara, you are an Angel!

BM, Toronto, Ontario

Sara has a unique ability to truly give of herself and surrender to the truth. She holds a sacred space that allows for healing and growth in discovering what you need to move forward in your spiritual journey.

Thank you Angel!

Kysandhra, Ontario, Canada


I just wanted to thank you for helping me open my eyes and my heart to my spiritual path. For giving me insight into the angels that surround and protect me. For giving me hope and a "heads up" ; ) about my future . And for quite literally, removing years of pain through your healing  hands. That experience is one I will NEVER forget. You Sara, have such a special gift and are so enthusiastic when sharing it with others.

I feel so comfortable in your presence and always leave one of our sessions enlightened and lighter. Having someone like you in my world is as essential as a great doctor, psychologist, handy man or mechanic ( lol ) !! You my friend, are an Essential Service !!!!

Much Love gratitude and peace to you always : )))

Julie, Ontario, Canada

I had experienced energy healing a number of years ago and knew how it could help in releasing emotional and physical blocks. I was impressed by the number of healing methods that Sara uses in her practice and immediately felt a shift on an emotional level. The pain and stiffness that I had been experiencing in my hips and legs also eased dramatically allowing me to get back to exercising and enjoying long walks again. I highly recommend Sara as an intuitive and compassionate healer.

Gwen R, Vancouver, Canada


Our meeting couldn’t have been more serendipitous; strangers in the health food aisle in a busy downtown grocery superstore. I don’t think either of us really wanted to be in there. And yet there we were. A helpful suggestion from me led to a conversation and in no time, Sara invited me to her home for our first session.

People come into our lives to serve purpose. We are dots; specks of star dust among galaxies and still all of our connections are no coincidence. When you meet Sara, it‘s because your journey has landed at a special stop. And it’s in that place that you’ll have all the permission you need to sit back and enjoy the ride as Sara clears gunk and breathes light through and into you.

If you’re new to this kinda ‘stuff’ and feeling a little unsure and you’re looking at the testimonials to try to get a sense of what you’ll experience, this is what I’d want you to know: I could rave about my experience but it’s just that, my experience. It will have no bearing on your journey and it could even taint your expectations ... neither positively nor negatively, really. But my story could simply interfere with yours, in a way.

So ... the thing with Sara is, you’re not going to be working with and through words and contemporary language. This experience will transcend that. If there’s any ‘language’ to engage with it’s that of your heart and your soul. You’ve been connected with Sara for a reason and the best thing I can tell you is to relax, breathe into it and allow yourself to let go and be cared for.

You’re in safe hands.

Kyle I., Toronto, Ontario, Canada